We offer an amazing bilingual guided tour of the Ruta de las Flores. The tour starts with a delicious breakfast and local fresh brewed coffee in a nice little garden café in the colonial pueblo of Juayua. The next stop is to a gourmet coffee roaster for a very informative presentation and coffee tasting with one of the countries expert coffee roasters. After that we move on to a industrial coffee processing facility that actually is located next to the beautiful thermal water park that is called Termales de Santa Teresa. Here you can enjoy natural thermal heated pools, refreshing cool pools, mud bath or cocktails. The next stop is the colonial town of Ataco for some sightseeing. Finally we finish off with a delicious dinner at the lovely Garden de Celeste.

If you would like to schedule this awesome tour please write us at tours@bocaolas.com . We do require at least 72 hours of notice to arrange this tour.

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